Commercial accounts include municipalities, public and private schools, colleges, social service organizations, financial institutions, health care facilities, manufacturers, contractors, hotels, restaurants, fire districts and emergency squads, Hair dresser, Barber Shops, Store Fronts, Pet Stores and Pet Supplies.
As a locally run business, We understands the needs of small business owners.
Commercial coverage: Property liability Workers compensation
Business owner policy Commercial auto Loss of income policy

Commercial Lines Protection for the future of your business.
Unfortunately, harm can come to businesses large or small. To protect against such loss, we offer a wide array of business insurance services: property, casualty, liability insurance, as well as high-value employee

Personal/Liability InsuranceWe will select from the numerous, high-quality insurance companies we represent to offer you a policy that fits your specific business insurance needs. This can involve anything from a basic liability policy, or executive life insurance up to and including comprehensive coverage as complex as your business.

Auto InsuranceCoverage is available to protect your business whether you have only one car that is registered in the business name, or a fleet of vehicles. There are many additional coverages included in a commercial auto policy that are not part of a personal auto policy. It is important to look at these features because they could be critical at a time of loss.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Coverage for injury, or illness sustained by an employee as a result of their employment, regardless of negligence on the part of the employee or employer. The policy will provide for payment of the injured employee’s medical expenses (without a dollar limit or time limit), provide funds for rehabilitation, and pay for lost wages. A workers’ compensation policy is mandatory in New York State if you have any employees.
Disability Insurance
All businesses operating in New York State with employees are required to carry this coverage.
The difference between this policy and a workers’ compensation policy is that disability provides coverage for an injury, or illness to an employee that is non-work related, but still makes it impossible for them to perform their job for an extended period of time. After a seven-day waiting period, the State of New York-Required Policy will pay a maximum of 50% of wages up to $170 per week for a maximum of 26 weeks. As an employer, you can elect to endorse the policy to provide higher limits if desired. Please contact us for further options that may be available to suit your business needs.